What Makes a Stormtrooper Helmet?


Stormtrooper helmets have been a part of Star Wars since the very first movie. These helmets are a lot like Indiana Jones’ hat – they’re cool-looking but there’s no real story behind them. The mystery is what makes a stormtrooper helmet so special. Why do stormtroopers wear them? What is it made out of? Where can you get one?

A stormtrooper helmet is made out of fiberglass and other plastics. It has two levels on top and two on the back where you could put your head through if you were wearing it as part of your costume or cosplay.

The Science Behind the Stormtroopers’ Helmets

The type of helmets that stormtroopers wear has changed over the years.

Beginning in 1977, they wore a metal helmet with a long visor, but this was replaced by a black plastic helmet in the 1980s. This new design was more ergonomic and less restrictive for movement.

The new design also emphasized protection from peripheral vision, whereas previously it had been minimal.

In addition to that, the new helmets were made of advanced polymers and featured internal cooling systems and LED lighting which allowed them to be used under all kinds of conditions. This marked a drastic change from previous designs which were very heavy and easily prone to damage.

This was not only beneficial for the men who wore them but also for their surroundings because they could now carry out their work without causing accidental damage or injury

So the helmets are generally made from a fibreglass and resin mixture, which has been designed to be both lightweight but also durable. The material is applied over a steel mesh frame, which provides the helmet with strength and rigidity. The helmet’s design was influenced by motorcycle riders’ helmets, as well as firemen’s hard hats.

The idea for the Star Wars stormtrooper helmet came from Ralph McQuarrie, who had previously worked on Darth Vader’s costume in the original trilogy and later on designing helmets for the Navy Seals.

What Materials are Used to Make a Storm Trooper Helmet?

The keypieces of a storm trooper helmet are the same as most helmets, with the exception of the chin strap. While some helmets have a chin strap, others have a separate section that is attached to the helmet’s neck. Helmets with chin straps stay put during intense activities – like in combat or during car chases.

Storm trooper helmets are made up of different materials, depending on what they will be made out of. Some materials used are plastic or metal and then coated with an outer layer of paint or resin.

All the materials that were used to create a storm trooper helmet were chosen for their qualities like strength, durability, and resistance. This is done in an interesting technological way that got people questioning how its made.

These materials include aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. The helmet is also formed with many other metals including copper, nickel, iron and stainless steel.

Where to Find Parts and Materials for Your Own DIY Storm Trooper Helmet

You need countless parts and materials to put together your own DIY storm trooper helmet. The trick is finding these items.

It is easy to build a DIY storm trooper helmet at your local hardware store. To save time, try getting an online coupon or find a cheap price on Aliexpress for the best materials. You can also opt to buy a classic storm trooper helmet for all your halloween and stage events.


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